Hiiii dears ,

new stuff in store : Marine bikini!!!

it’s a super cute frill bikini that comes with an hud to change between 4 different texture and a lovely hairband with little sailorcap and starfish!!!

hope you like

much love



Mag<3. B inworld store

Mag<3.B on marketplace



Marine Bikini

The feeling!!!

Hi dears^^

today starts another Amazing event: “the feeling”

the theme for this round is the night and i create an exclusive tank top : Galaxy top in 8 variation !!!

hope you like ^^

much love

Mag ❤


The Feeling


galaxy top


hello my dear

New in the shop and in the marketplace: 90‘s Dresses!
I really like the fashion of the nineties, so I decided to make this line of clothing asymmetrical cut, I realized with textures that remind me of the fantasies in vogue in the 90 ^ ^
in each pack there are 2 variations of the dress: one plain, and one in fantasy!
90‘s dresses comes in 5 variation:
Bowie & Green
Crosses & White
Smiley & Black
Pyramid & Gold
Crosses # 2 & Turquoise

I hope you like it

much love
croo white bowie
Senza titolo-2 smley

Funny Puppet Fair 2014!!!

Hi all :)))
i’m super excited because it is about to start an exciting new event: “Funny Puppet Fair 2014”.
tanti stilisti hanno realizzato bellissime ed esclusive creazioni per l’occasione.
in più c’è una divertentissima caccia al tesoro con amazing premi^^.
per questa fiera ho realizzato 2 creazioni esclusive :
Wee Wendi outfit
Kawaii bikini

il mio premio per la caccia sono : dolly socks
“Funny Puppet Fair 2014” starts on 11th MAY

LM   sooooon
spero apprezziate le mie creazioni , come io mi sono divertita nel realizzarle !!!

buon divertimento ^^
much love


Senza titolo-1 copia


prize for puppet hunt






Hi ❤

from today  i parteciate in a funny gacha event ,made by Gacha addiction (a famous gacha Group!)  ” Gacha festival ”

i add the pic of my cagha items: Sweety ^^

Hope you like

much love

Mag ❤ ❤ ❤

Gacha festival