Irreverent shirts *Naugthy pack

Hi girls ❤

from today you find in store a new pack of tops : Naughty shirts!!!
They are a super fun tops with an irreverent quotes .
in each pack you find 4 shirts : 2 colors for quotes (2 for virgin ,2 for proposal )
hope you like
much love

ps: only 50


Mag<3.B inworld store

Mag<3.B on marketplace


vendor irrriverent_gl

Hello Sailor double pack!!!

Hi dears ❤
i decide to make a special pack of my Hello Sailor outfits with the new one ( hello sailor two pieces ) and my first Hello Sailor outfit(swimsuits)!
i sell this pack only on marketplace at a special price ( you save 50% of second outfit).

hope you like

much love


mag<3.B on marketplace


doub pin double blac navy dou gold double DOUBLE ROUGE

New Dressy ^^

from today till july 26 you can go to the Boys Vs. Girls Cart Sale and find some lovely stuffs!
for this round i made a super cute and girly dresses!(4 dresses only 50L).
In my cart you also find a 10L item and some of my recent stuffs.

hope you like
much love


The Boys Vs. Girls Cart Sale event


vend dressy