New applier for Cozy stokings :The meshproject body installer

I girls!
News in store :
Cozy stokings a super cute stokings with adorables heart patches on knees!
5 variations
pantie layer (for sl standard body)

Slink feet and physique body applier
Themeshproject body applier

you like

Don’t forget to join a group to take some beautiful gifts!!!!!
much love

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Gift and gatcha time!!!

Hi my sweeties ❤
news in store 🙂

i put on the wall gift a new group gift * Bee dress ;

a lovely Yellow turtle neck dress  with fun black dots
and Care sweaters gatcha:

super cute sweaters inspired by Care bears !!!!(only 20 L for play)

hope you enjoy the news

Much love


Mag<3.B store



Gift timeee!

Hi ; )

great news ^^ from now you can find in store my new and super cute Group gift : Babyheels!!!

ther are a lovely sandals with sheer socks in a delicate babyblue colour.

Sandals are designed only for slink high feet!

socks comes in tattoo and socks layers i made also a slink feet and physique body appliers.

hope you like

enjoy your gift!!!

much love ❤



gift copia